Welcome to LPC Logistics,

A Division of Lackawanna Products Corp.

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Welcome to LPC Logistics

A division of Lackawanna Products Corp.

We offer our clients an extensive set of professional freight and logistics services through the contiguous USA and Canada, backed by over 35 years of professional industry experience.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Like Family

Have you ever worked with a company where you are treated like family? Where they know you and your family as much as your business? That is what it feels like working with LPC Brokerage. I am confident that these employees will work hard for me and do everything within their power to cover my loads and to keep me in the loop while covering my needs. The people at LPC Brokerage are honest, kind, and diligent. They care about you as much as your business. LPC Brokerage is simply the best company I have every worked with and I truly value them. By putting your faith in LPC Brokerage, you will be gaining an excellent company to work with and also an extended family where you know you are valued.

CaraLa Crosse Milling Company

Go the Extra Mile

I have used LPC Logistics on small shipments , to flat beds , to large projects of trailer deliveries and they never disappoint. Always helpful, great at communication and going the extra mile…. I highly recommend them for all your transportation needs


Service with Excellence

After 20 plus years working with Mike Maly and the transportation team at LPC, this short statement describes them well! Their attention to details is what drives their excellent service. When the LPC Logistics Team is moving inbound or outbound freight for Oldcastle, they track and report the loads as well as the progress of the load until it is delivered. The Team also follows up with the Oldcastle Logistics Team immediately if there is a problem with the load, the driver, or delivery appointments. By the end of the day if any problems have arisen, they have the issues resolved. They pride themselves on providing a professional experience. Everyone involved that answer the phone, an email, or text are polite and courteous. If they are all busy on the phone a person will stay with the caller until they are transferred to the person they have called to speak with. LPC is more than just a company that is moving freight across the country. They are truly a business partner in every way. My personal recommendation is if your company partners with LPC as Oldcastle has, you will not be disappointed.

BillOldcastle Lawn & Garden Northeast